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Welcome to my trading card site.  It's a work in progress, but you have to start somewhere.  

I'm an extremely avid Pavel Bure collector (and always will be) and am getting back into the never ending project.  I am a member of SCF and am always up for a trade if it's something I can use.  Note however, if you are not part of an existing trading or auction site , I will require that you send first and upon receiving and inspecting the cards, I will send my cards.  Sorry, but I've been burnt and want to see some positive feedback first.

2020 UPDATE: While I'm still open to a good Pavel Bure card trade, my focus has moved on to an upstart Harrison Bader collection with my 8 year old who has shown an interest in the baseball card hobby.  You can find out current Havelist (soon to be Wantlist) and our list of traders here. 

Please enjoy your visit and feel free to drop me an offer at